Mother's Day Drink Specials

Green Queen Mom - $13.95

A wonderful Green Apple Sake drink flavored with Midori and fresh fruit, enjoy!

Queen Mom - $13.95

A Peach Sake drink that will refresh you with its cranberry juice, 7UP and fresh fruit garnish.

Pink Lemonade Mangorita - $13.95

A West Texas classic with Prickly Pear Lemonade and a hint of mango! The Tajin rubbed rim is garnished with mango and orange.

Please Note: 3% surcharge for credit card payments effective Jan 1, 2023

Osaka Party Box - $65

Our To Go Osaka Party Box takes care of your next Party Snacks! The Party Box includes your Choice of 3 Sushi and your choice of 3 appetizers.

Choose three (3) from the following rolls:

  • California
  • Philly
  • Temptation Fuji
  • Texas

Choose three (3) of the following:

  • 4 Piece Eggroll
  • 4 Piece Dragon Eggs
  • 4 Piece Crab Puffs
  • 5 Piece Wontons
  • Cheese Sticks

Osaka Japanese Soup

A generous helping of Noodles in a rich broth with your choice of Chicken, Shrimp, Beef, or combination and vegetables all seasoned just right. Turn up the heat by making your soup spicy!

  • Bowl 1 Chicken $13.95
  • Bowl 2 Shrimp $14.95
  • Bowl 3 Beef $13.95
  • Bowl 4 Combination of Chicken, Shrimp or Beef $15.95
  • Bowl 5 Dumpling $14.95

Osaka Lunch Bento Box

This a quick way to get the goodness of Osaka when you are short on time at your lunch break.

  • Box 1- Teriyaki or Siracha Chicken $14.99
  • Box 2- Hibachi Shrimp or Siracha Shrimp $16.99
  • Box 3- Sukiyaki Steak $15.99

Each Bento box comes with Soup, Garden Salad, Your choice of appetizer (Eggroll, Crab Puffs, or Fried Dumplings), four pieces of Maki Sushi roll (Your Choice of California Roll or Philadelphia Roll) your choice of Steamed Rice or Fried Rice (add noodles for $2.99).

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